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A battery is an electrochemical cell (or enclosed and protected material) that can be charged electrically to provide a static potential for power or released electrical charge when needed. A battery is a hardware component that supplies power to a device, enabling that device to work without a power cord.

In Tubular Plate Battery Technology falls within both flooded and gel battery types. These batteries are typically used in renewable, off-grid, critical power configurations and backup system applications. Tubular Plate Battery Technology provides the industry's longest life and largest capacity energy storage options by utilizing a tubular shaped positive grid that is surrounded in active material and encapsulated in a fiber gauntlet.


  • UPS- UN-Interrupted Power supply systems.
  • Investors- for Domestics & Industrial Purpose
  • Solar Photo Voltaic Application.
  • Wind Power Applications
  • Signaling & tele Communications.
  • EPABX & Alarm Systems
  • LCV s/Commercial Vehicles.
  • Hospitals & Advance Equipment


  • Longest lasting in lead acid category in cycling applications.
  • Lowest cost of lifetime kWh of any storage technology.
  • Low maintenance-No need to top-up with distilled water frequently.
  • Many storage size options in both flooded and sealed gel.
  • Low self-discharge and low internal resistance.
  • Highly reliable compared to normal flat plate batteries.
  • Faster charging is one the notable feature in Tubular batteries.