UPS, or in its long form, Uninterruptible Power Supply, is a power supply that contains a battery that keeps IT running once power is lost. UPSs also have the capability to help reduce the impact of power surges. Its main function is to keep systems running until power is restored within a short space of time or make the transition between a primary power source that has failed to a secondary power source (for example, a generator) that will keep things running for longer. Essentially, it quickly reacts to a power surge and bridges the transition between primary and backup power sources. When there is a power surge, the UPS helps prevent the computer being affected and damaged by it.

INVERTER is an electrical device which converts DC voltage, almost always from batteries, into standard household AC voltage so that it is able to be used by common appliances. In short, an inverter convert’s direct current into alternating current. Direct current is used in many of the small electrical equipment such as solar power systems, since solar cells are only able to produce DC. They are also used in places where a small amount of voltage is to be used or produced such as power batteries which produce only DC. Other than these fuel cells and other power sources also produce DC..

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